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Full Desk Technical Sales/Recruiting

Are you an experienced IT Staffing salesperson that loves what you do but are tired of the staffing company production quotas? Tired of hitting sales numbers they want you to hit or production numbers that are meaningless to a senior person in the industry? Tired of training new employees how to recruit your positions but lose deals in the process? Tired of splitting your accounts or giving away reqs cause it’s not in your “focus”? Not to mention not being able to follow your network…If I just described you, we should talk!

I’m looking for an IT staffing sales veteran that’s ready to make great money and enjoy the freedom to make your own decisions of when and how to work. No, this isn’t a commission only position!


  • Minimum of 4+ years of experience selling IT staffing services with the ability to drive business through the sales lifecycle
  • Capability of running a full desk.  If you haven't run a fulldesk before, outside IT Staffing sales experience works if you're willing to learn!
  • Established network of decision makers willing to do business with you
  • Ability to know the difference between good business and bad business
  • Ability to work independently with minimal to no supervision
  • Excellent communication, presentation, problem-solving and time management skills
  • Conduct business in a professional, competent and ethical manner

The Perks:

  • No weekly production numbers to hit! If you want to close 1 deal or 4 deals a month it's up to you. No mandatory meetings or lunches just to hit your client visit number for the week.
  • You set your own hours. Start at 8am, 9am or noon, your call!
  • Work from home. No need to sit through boring meetings that are a time suck
  • Strong comp plan! You work hard to build the relationship and close the deal, it’s only right you should get your share instead of giving most of it to the company!
  • Sell Contract and Direct Hire. You can focus on what your best at and not have to give business away to a colleague
  • Follow your network! If they change companies, you can follow them and not worry about giving them up because they moved out of your sales territory.
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